Is The BIG BOSS 1300 Watt Oil Less Air Fryer 16 qt A Healthy Way To Cook?

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the big boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt. I will tell you all about the features of this air fryer.

I will tell you what the customer opinions are of those who have purchased it to get a better idea if it’s worth the price and stands the test.

We will also look at where to purchase the big boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt so that you get it at the right price, with any bonuses and make sure YOU don’t get ripped when buying.

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The Big Boss Air Fryer allows you to fry your favorite meals and foods with just a click of the button.

Using air instead of oil leaves you with no oil mess, better for your health and you can bake, grill or roast all in the one countertop air fryer.

Having a see-through lids makes it easy to glance over and see how the food is going. This enables losing any heat or slow the cooking down when removing the lid like on others.

Easy and simple to use with only two dials. Just turn the temperature to the required temp and then screw the other dial around to set the timer. It’s that easy.

The timer has a built-in auto shutoff and for the most popular cooks like fish, fries, etc there programmed on the lid for easy quick directions.

The Big Boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt is one of the largest countertop hot air fryers on the market.

This baby is large enough to take a full-size turkey. The size capacity is 16 quarts and comes with an optional ring extender which is included free at the time of writing…

One feature I really like is that you can cook two different foods at the same time as is has a two shelf set. That means you can cook those golden crispy fries on the bottom and fish bits or anything on the top shelf.

Did you know that you also get 50+ big boss oil less fryer recipes FREE. Yep, that’s 50+ delicious easy to read and make recipes. You name it it’s in it. Chicken, seafood meat and all those other delicious snacks like golden fries, chicken wings and hows this…your oil less fryer also acts a dehydrator too.

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Customer Opinion:

Looking at the customer opinion you will find that the Big Boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt is very popular. At the time of writing, there are 73% of the reviews are 3 stars or more with an average of 3.8 stars out of over 1,160 reviews.

Most of the reviews come in at 3.5 or 5 stars making this not just one of the best price air fryers but also great value for money and a very powerful large counter top oilless air fryer.

One customer even compared this to another popular hot air fryer which is the NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer which was the current one they were using and their favorite.

After trying out the Big Boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt they absolutely loved it and even compared the two in terms of power, size and were very pleased.

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if you’re looking for a fantastic bench top oil less hot air fryer we highly recommend that you go for the Big Boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt. This is big enough to suit large families with the extra shelf or can make is small enough to cook those little snacks.

If you want a good all-round air fryer this is a fantastic choice and you should find it good enough for most uses.

When you add all the above and then you look at the price you will be very pleasantly surprised.

You can now see why the big boss oil-less air fryer 16 quart 1300 watt is the current bestseller on and we think you’ll be very pleased with what you are getting here.

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