What To Look For In A Gowise USA Air Fryer & Why Is The GoWISE 4th Generation Air Fryer The Best choice

Hi there and welcome, on this post we are going to take a look at why the GoWISE 4th Generation Air Fryer is our top choice. We will tell you where you can get a complete review of the 4th generation Gowise USA air fryer.

I will also tell you all about the features of this Gowise USA air fryer and tell you the opinions of others who have purchased it too.

We will tell you where to get the best deals and discounts and most important whether or not it does a decent job.

We will also point you in the right direction where we would recommend purchasing from so you get a hot air fryer that you will love and that will do the job.

Another thing we will cover is on this page is 3 things to look for in an electric hot air fryer so you get the right fryer that will suit you and your cooking needs.

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If you are still here then read on and see what 3 things to look for in a hot air fryer…

3 Things To Look For In A Hot Air Fryer:

  1. Air Fryer Size

Like most things size plays a big part in life and your electric hot air fryer is no different. You must have some consideration when choosing an air fryer the quart size.

If you cook for a large family, loves to entertain or always have sports nights at your place cooking up crispy golden fries or chicken wings and drinking beers than you would be better to go for a larger size fryer.

Below is a guide on choosing an air fryer size:

The most popular air fryer size range is between 3 and 5 quarts, which offers the best and more versatile fryer for cooking.

Small Hot Air Fryer Sizes:

• 1.0 to 2.0-quart sized air fryers work well for single individuals and for frying snacks.

Medium to Large Electric Hot Air Fryer Sizes:

• 3.0 to 5.3 quart sized air fryers have the capacities for cooking meals and snacks for 2 to 5 people.

• 5.8 quart sized air fryers can cook a 4-pound whole chicken, have several cooking compartments, and baking cages.

Extra Large Air Fryer Sizes:

• 6.5 to 10.5-quart sized air fryers can roast a whole chicken and have the versatility for grilling, baking, casseroles, and pizzas.

16.0 quart sized air fryers are excellent for large families and those who bulk cook for functions, caters or celebrating winning the last game☺.

  1. Temperature Control

To be able to control your fryer cooking temperature isn’t something you should have but must have to get the best use. Air fryers work best when the temp is up or around that 400-degree mark.

Higher temperatures have the advantage of cooking food more quickly. Batter coatings and baked goods also won’t absorb as much grease if they are cooked for a shorter period of time at a higher temperature.

Air fryers come in both dial and touchpad controls and they both have their advantage and disadvantages. I more favor digital touch screens for a few reasons.

Easy to read and see at a glance.

Can adjust the settings, pause the cooking or set a timer to start cooking half hr before you arrive home to welcome you home with the nice smell of golden crispy fries or that roast chicken.

  1. Safety

A lot don’t think of this part until something happens but for me, safety is a big concern. You want to look for air fryers that have a built-in automatic switch off when the cooking has completed or go in to standby when completed.

You also want a fryer that is cool to touch when in operation and has locking handles for when transferring your cook from the basket to the plate.


These are just a few things to consider when looking to purchase your new electric hot air fryer. The main key things to look for is will the fryer fit on your countertop and will storage be a problem.

Size of the unit if your cooking for an army or just you every now and then when you get the munchies for some takeaways.

Of course, there are many hot air fryers you can pick or choose from. However, our top choice for both value, medium size and positive reviews from Amazon.com are the Gowise Air Fryer 4th Generation.

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If you’re looking for overall quality, warranty and pricing you need to take a serious look at the Gowise Air Fryer 4th Generation.

There is over 1200 positive reviews left on Amazon.com who are glad they purchased this product and so will you.

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